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Over the years we have worked with some amazing live bands and artists and we were being asked if we could make like music recommendations by people who were booking discos. So here we are officially offering our recommendations based on your requirements. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for and we make a recommendation if we know someone who could fulfill your requirements. As we have worked with all of these people in some shape or form we know exactly what they are capable of how good they are.

A popular choice is a disco and live band combination where the disco covers everything the band don’t play. A lot of people who book a ceilidh band also look for a disco so they have all the bases covered. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to find it. Please note if we don’t personally know a band who can fulfill your requirements we will not recommend someone for the sake of it, we must be able to guarantee the quality of the music.

Some examples of music we recommend regularly:

  • Function bands covering all bases.
  • Ceilidh bands.
  • Rat pack style singers.
  • Classically trained musicians.
  • Bagpipers.
  • Jazz & blues bands.
  • Tribute acts (currently Elvis is very popular).
  • Acoustic duos.
  • Duos or solo artists with backing music.

Fancy programming some live music for your bar or club?

If you are running a bar or club and would like to discuss the benefits of live music at your place then please get in touch and we can meet up. We can recommend everything from open mic nights to full bands depending on the size of your venue and the budget available. Norval himself is available solo or as a duo or band. Please see the mini site dedicated to Norval’s live music for more information. Our new Bose L1® system is ideal for smaller venues or places where people are eating or talking and the music should be heard but not be too intrusive.

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